Beer, Bait, and Emojis – Bringing iOS Messaging Stickers to Bass Anglers

“What? Did you say emojis?”

Yes I did. But, I’m not talking about your snapchat bunny rabbit filters or big goofy smiley faces. I’m talking about the kind of emoji your fishing friends will be jealous about.
I used to be an emoji hater. Who needs them?
I prefer to call, and I still do. But messaging is more common now than it has ever been, and growing. As messaging grows, more things get lost in the mix. Emotions, mainly.
And that is why the emoticon, or emoji, or iMessage sticker exists. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a sticker shows your laughter, excitement, or happiness when people can’t hear it.

Fishing is Full of Excitement – So Where are the Emojis

We fishermen and fisherwomen get left in the dust when it comes to emojis on the iPhone. We get two or three, and two are just guppies or aquarium fish. You can only get so many miles out of this little guy.
Where’s the emoji for expressing when you’ve caught the biggest fish of your life? When you’re still thinking about that lunker you caught last month (or dreaming about the next hog you’ll reel in).
Where’s the funny looking skunk sticker when you’ve been…hate to say the word…skunked? All you can do is laugh about it, so where’s the fishing emoji for that?
I waited for someone to make these emojis into an iOS keyboard app, but it never happened. So, I made them myself.
I’m making emojis for everything want as an angler. The fish you want to catch, the people you want to do it with, and the time when it finally happens and you reel in that big one despite a difficult day on the water.
The iOS stickers work in any messaging app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. They are especially cool in iMessage, where you can stick them to previous messages wherever you want.
Screenshot of the Bass Fishing Emoji App being used in iMessage
You can drag and drop the stickers onto any iMessage – Whether you sent it or someone else did.
The BassFishingEmoji Keyboard also works with the following messaging and chat apps on iOS:
  • Snapchat – fishing emojis can be sent in a message, or pasted on top of a picture or video
  • Facebook Messenger – Paste your favorite bass emoji as a message
  • Facebook Mobile App – Fishing emojis can be sent as comments, added to a comment, or pasted into a status update
  • WhatsApp – Fishing emojis can be sent as messages
  • GroupMe – same as above
  • Viber – same as above
  • Signal – same as above
  • Slack – same as above
  • Telegram – same as above
  • Kik – same as above
  • Council – same as above
If you want to impress your friends with fishing emojis, get the app here.
If you have an emoji you’d like to see in the app, email me from this site or send a Facebook message saying “EMOJI REQUEST” here:
Tight lines…

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